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In Coos Bay, OR as of October 2015

Latest Updates

  • 1/5/16 - Avalon Web Design launched
  • 10/22/15 - Moved to Coos Bay
  • 6/17/11 - has it really been so long since I updated anything?  I found an outlet to show off my photos on Facebook, so look for me there.
  • 4/15/10 - made a few updates.  Yes, it has been that long.
  • 2/1/08 - added Abigail to Gallery and Thoughts
  • 1/31/08 - been back to Eugene in November, will work on updating this page soon
  • 7/27/07 - on my way to Cape Lookout
  • 6/2/07 - planning to head for Hood River in a few weeks
  • 4/15/07 - finally in Prineville at Sun Rocks