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(link is to Adoptables from WCDC but pretty much all the adult red/black tabbies are from the same house)

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Please support spay neuter
Yes, these kittens are adorable.  All kittens are adorable.  But there are so many of them, especially during Kitten Season, that they're abandoned in dumpsters, public restrooms, or in boxes in the middle of the road.  They are killed by the thousands in shelters all over the country, sometimes before the people who brought them have time to leave the parking lot.  Even when they find homes, they are often abandoned or brought to shelters when they are no longer cute.

If you have been touched by Cougar and Kids, don't think of spay/neuter as the loss of cute kittens, but as the way to guarantee that all the cute kittens get loving homes where they can live their whole lives.

Please spay or neuter your pets.  Please support spay/neuter programs that help pet owners who can't afford spay/neuter on their own.  See links to the left for ways to help.

Although Cougar and The Kids have homes waiting for them, West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue has many animals available for adoption, including others of the colony from which The Kids were rescued.  Please give a rescued animal a home.